We’re all here to serve some purpose outside of our own gain or benefit. (Read This: The Code of Manhood)

That is, we’re here to be of use.

Entrepreneurs show their usefulness by creating products that help others in some way even if it’s to contact friends and family via the internet through email or social media.

Men have always had a pretty firm, base purpose. We’re here to protect, provide for, and procreate. Let’s focus on the first two because they are what we have the most control over.

This list of useless traits is obviously going to read as a smack in the face and likely come across as a tad controversial. What it can’t come across as, however, is offensive. Men don’t get ‘offended’. We don’t get our panties in a knot (and women shouldn’t either, but they’re not the focus of this site). We can’t afford to be ‘offended’ because being so blocks the ability to see things with reason and logic.

1. You can’t fight.

If you’re a man, you’re here, in part, to protect. Men and women have two differing dominant sex hormones. Testosterone, the male dominant sex hormone, leads men to have a greater capacity for strength. What’s more is that we’re even rewarded hormonally with surges in testosterone when we win, say, a fight.

We’re programmed to want to win. Winning, for a very long time, meant defeating the enemy.

To bring this to a more modern context, no man in good conscious can leave the defense of his home to another human, namely the police who have an average response time of over 15 minutes (more, depending on where you live). If you’re a guy, you should take this defense seriously by training how to defend. (Read This: Why You Need to Fight)

Train your body for war both in skill and strength. Some will scoff at this as brutish and archaic, but it’s also necessity. To be and feel and though you’re serving your purpose as a man, you have to have the capacity for successful violence.

There is a caveat to this. If you’re disabled, for example, and you can’t fight off an attacker, you’re not useless. You have had that aspect of your role taken from you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve in other areas.

They say that when you’re blinded, your other senses compensate. Well, that’s the same with a disability. If you’re unable to fight, then you have to be able to solve problems, to lead, to delegate, or maybe you just have to learn how to use a handgun.

If you are able-bodied and you won’t fight or defend those who depend on you, be they in your home or in your community, then yes, as a man, you’re a waste of space.

2. You’re politically correct or hyper sensitive.

We touched on this briefly in the intro, but if you’re easily offended, you’re useless.

Being overly sensitive and concerned with political correctness prevents you from listening to new, even controversial ideas with an open mind.

The far left loves to halt real, necessary conversations by screaming ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobe’ or ‘sexist’ when the terms have no merit nor place in the conversation. This is weakness. It’s being a child, not being a man. (Read This: A Man Cannot Be Politically Correct)

To be of use you have to be tough enough to hear and listen to ideas that oppose your own.

Being a sensitive little Marry will prevent you from being able to lead, from being able to grow and to help others do the same.

3. You’re too lazy to rise.

Being here isn’t good enough. Existing is useless. You have a duty to rise, to improve, to become something more than you are when you’re born, and more than you were yesterday.

Laziness is obviously the definition of useless, but if you’re content with who you are and unwilling to put yourself in situations that make you uncomfortable, you’re useless because you’re not improving.

4. You’re anti-gun/anti-self defense.

Guns are a tool that millions use to defend their homes and hunt animals. The anti-gun stance is incredibly un-manly. It’s a giving up of one’s own defense and relying on someone else to do it for them.

When it’s a political stance, it becomes even more dangerous because you’re not only not willing to defend your own home but you now want to stop others from defending theirs.

To not want the safety of those who depend on you for safety in your own hands makes no sense. This restriction on personal safety and self-reliance includes the odd and illogical desire to want to ban others from not having big dogs.

If you’re a fan of science at all you’ll know that breeds like pit bulls or cane corso’s or dogo argentino’s (like my Teddy) aren’t responsible for more attacks on humans, they’re not even more aggressive breeds than, say, retrievers or labs, yet pansies who see something big, see something dangerous, and want to ban dog breeds painting an entire breed with a broad brush and not due to an ounce of scientific evidence.

The best defense for a home is a big dog. The best form of self-defence is a gun. If you’re anti self-defence, that’s one thing, and a weird thing in your own life, but to then put your own lack of self-reliance on to others becomes more than useless, it becomes evil.

5. You’re vain.

Women look better than men. That’s not our purpose. We’re vehicles of utility. Our physical improvement means getting stronger, tougher, and more athletic.

To be preoccupied with your looks is the definition of being useless. It’s a triviality. There’s no benefit to being vain, in fact, it often leads ‘men’ to spend too much money on things that don’t matter. (Read This: Why You Shouldn’t Want Sixpack Abs)

Vanity is also dependent on the opinions of others. No man can do what he’s truly meant to do if he’s always seeking affirmation, and especially if it’s affirmation from people that don’t matter (likes on social media, for example).

6. You’re fiscally irresponsible.

When you’re tasked with the safety and care of others, you cannot be the focus of your spending.

Save, invest, by all means take risks, but provide first, treat yourself last.

When you put the welfare of those who depend on your in jeopardy, you’re useless.

7. You’re a coward.

Gameness is an integral and necessary attribute of a man. You need both the skill to win at what you’re attempting to do – be it a fight, hunting an animal for food, earning enough money – but also the courage to take the steps forward that you need to take to even have a place in the game.

You can’t be the guy cowering on the stairs in Saving Private Ryan as his friend gets murdered by a German.

You can’t be the guy who slips into the crowd as his pals get their asses kicked.

You can’t be the guy who never attempts to pursue his dreams, and this is as much a disservice to your family as it is to you and your legacy. Your family needs you to be at your best, which includes pursuing what will push you to become that man.

Have the balls to be your best, then develop the skills you need to win.

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