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Athletic Greens: The Complete Micro Supplement For Men




Haven’t you ever wished for a super-supplement?

One that contained essentially everything you needed to function optimally as a man, and could even make up for deficiencies in your diet?

Well, I’ve got one for you to check out—It’s called Athletic Greens  and its claim to fame is that it’s a “complete supplement.” Basically, it’s a micronutrient-based supplement that packs a freaking powerful punch. And the benefits of just drinking one glass a day are pretty impressive.

Here are five of the top reasons why you should incorporate Athletic Greens into a consistently healthy lifestyle.

Boosts Testosterone

You already knew I couldn’t talk about the benefits of Athletic Greens without talking about its testosterone enhancing benefits.

Testosterone manages and boosts sex drive, helps you pack on slabs of muscle mass, strengthens bone mass, increases fat burning, cultivates confidence, makes you a risk taker, and well, the list goes on and on. And proper testosterone regulation is key for men like you to have the balanced, healthy, masculine lifestyle that you want and work for.

Athletic Greens works to support and even surge testosterone production and efficiency because it improves micronutrient deficiencies that most guys are missing out on like magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D. Plus, with the added micronutrient help, you’ll reduce stress hormone that ruins testosterone levels and even get a better night’s sleep as a result – which will send your T-count through the roof.

Higher testosterone levels enable a man to have victory in every area of life, and chugging an athletic greens supplement is a powerful way to get there.

Increases Energy

We all know what it’s like to feel depleted of energy.

Working hard, working out, chasing the kids around the house… If you’re like most hardworking men are spent by the time 6pm rolls around… Maybe even sooner.

The problem is that without energy, we can’t accomplish what we need to get done for our families, our neighbors and ourselves. And here’s the kicker… The world doesn’t slow down for you just because you’re tired. It keeps spinning and the same speed it’s always spun.

Like I’ve mentioned many times on this site before, intense training, solid nutrition, and sleep are all crucial for high energy levels. But sometimes, when the breaks are beating the boys you need something else to pick you up… Which is where Athletic Greens come in.

Athletic Greens improves energy by supplying you with 75 vitamins, minerals, and whole food source ingredients. Think about it, that’s 75 energy boosting essentials that you won’t miss out on with just a simple serving of this powerful supplement. Plus the diversity of ingredients can prepare you for whatever unique and diverse challenges you’ll face on any given day. So basically, if you want to win the day, it’ll do you some good to down some greens, first.

Anti-Aging Antioxidant

Nobody has found the legendary fountain of youth yet, but that hasn’t stopped many of us from doing all we can to extend youthfulness and strength as far as possible… I mean which one of us guys wouldn’t want to feel like we’re as strong as ever – even if we’re in our 40’s or older.

Imagine: More energy. More drive. More virility to take on any challenge…. Guys, the closest answer is practically at your fingertips… Athletic Greens.

Medical advances are helping people live longer than previous generations thought possible. But the question you have to ask yourself is do you just want to live longer, or do you want to live better?

Athletic Greens works overtime to help slow the aging process. A whopping 29 of its 75 ingredients are antioxidants—a nutrient that helps fight radical molecules in your body that accelerate disease, cell damage, and aging. Sure, Athletic Greens can’t keep the calendar pages from flipping, but they’ll keep you feeling younger and stronger while they do.

Improves Gut Health

Gut health has become all the rage in the last few years… And rightfully so.

Because a well-regulated, well-enhanced gut is essential to living a better quality of life as a man. See, when your gut health is all out of whack, your cortisol levels increase, which in turn causes your testosterone levels to plummet. Plus, it’ll leave a breach in your immune system making it more likely that you’ll be sidelined with sickness when you simply can’t afford to be sick.

Which is one more reason why Athletic Greens can be a big help to you. It carries both pre- and probiotics to make sure your insides are full of healthy bacteria that keeps digestive system, immune system and anabolic hormones, functioning at their best.

But the benefits of this supplement for men don’t stop there: It boosts and streamlines digestion, ups the absorption of nutrients, and can even detox your liver through a variety of enzymes. Basically, Athletic Greens is an all-in-one for your gut—inside, and out.

Supports Immune System

Your immune system is your body’s first line of defense against the germs and illnesses floating around everywhere (and that your kids love to bring home from school).

A weak immune system makes you far more susceptible to being more adversely affected by even the mildest diseases and is essentially like opening up a can of worms for more serious ones.

Here’s the problem: Most of us don’t think much about our immune systems until we’re sick, but the truth is they’re working around the clock to keep us healthy and vital, often in ways we’re not even aware of. And sometimes it could use a little help getting the job done and keeping us going.

You already know where I’m going with this…

Athletic Greens helps to keep your immune system healthy so you don’t miss a beat. Twenty essential vitamins and minerals work together to boost, balance, and repair your immune andnervous systems. It’s all in the mircos, man.

What Next?

Like I said at the beginning, this supplement is pretty impressive… In fact, I’d say it’s one of a kind.

So now what?

Simple… Try Athletic Greens out for yourself. Drink one serving each day on an empty stomach, and let it go to work.

Grab Athletic Greens for yourself here, and be legendary.


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