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Be the Hungry Lion (with a Clear Goal)




Being wild entails risk, and in that light, living means taking on risk of all kinds.

There’s the story of the wolf and who meets the dog…

The wolf is scouring the land for food and the dog tells him all about the bed he sleeps in, how he’s fed twice a day and looked after and safe and so forth.

The wolf then notices the dog’s collar, and the dog proceeds to explain it’s function.

The wolf, shocked that something would give up it’s freedom for safety and routine, flees to hunt yet again.

Tyson Fury, after he won his fight against Wladimir Klitschko (the then lineal heavyweight champion of the world) sunk into a deep depression.

His entire life was about one thing, becoming great, winning belts, and he never doubted that he would get them.

When he got them, however, his life stopped having purpose. He’d reached his pinnacle.

He noted, “Being a fat, sloppy mess with millions in the bank isn’t living. Being a hungry lion in the jungle, that’s living.”

There’s two angles to this, to both stories, Tyson’s and the wolf.

Men are not to be captive, sedated, too structured and limited. We are to be free. Things often trap us, mediocrity and safety surely traps us, and we should be weary of these traps and avoid them.

Safety breeds weakness. It creates weak men. We cannot live within safety, we can merely exist.

Second, we need to be struggling, pursuing something. And it’s not the end that matters, but the fact that we constantly have goals, that we’re constantly HUNTING.

If lions aren’t hunting they aren’t being lions.

Humans have been hunting just as long, and if we’re not hunting, that is, literally hunting or pursuing, chasing, conquering, we’re not being humans, we’re especially not being men.

Much of depression (anecdotal) can be found in not living a human life…

That is, not eating as a human (we need meat, fruits, veggies, and variety), not living as a human (not pursuing something/hunting something, having human connections in a small tribe etc…). 

Don’t just be a human, be one of those lions in the jungle, the ones running the pride, the men of history who conquered and created.

Be the wolf, not the dog.

Be strong. Be free.

Really, really spend some time thinking about what you’re pursuing. Make sure it’s true. Then focus only on that. 

Get after it my brother.

Be Legendary,
Chad Howse

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