To Man Up is one part taking responsibility and ownership of every situation (which is so powerful, both for quality of life, degree of success, and your own mental health and happiness) – which is covered in the video below – and facing fear, which is covered below…

Man Up: On Facing Fear with Aggression

In their idiotic list of what defines the mythical term, ‘toxic masculinity’, the APA (American Psychological Association) listed aggression as one of its characteristics in men and young men to watch out for and avoid (and worse, suppress).

The suppression of naturally male characteristics, namely those that coincide with this new term toxic masculinity, is a tragedy.

We’re robbing our young men of the tools they need to not only thrive in their own lives, but to be leaders and help others thrive as well.

Aggression, something we see as dangerous today can be your greatest ally in LIFE (I’m serious).

If you’ve ever been scared to shite, terrified of where you are in life or where you’re heading or even afraid in a circumstance, like when you’re face-to-face with a grizzly bear in the wild, aggression is the greatest tool you can possess.

Man Up: Fear claims more lives than anything. 

It confines the individual to a safe, sedated life captive within only what they know, never venturing to what they do not know (ie. Never TRULY Learning).

The best antidote to fear is aggression – forward, forceful movement. Aggression is GOOD. It’s something that we’re told to avoid, something that the strong among us are told to be ashamed about, but it is GOOD. Fear can cripple you.

It prevents success, it halts life, it ruins potential, but it can’t compete when faced with aggression.

Moving toward a fear with force, with aggression, removes the fear as long as you’re moving forward. They cannot exist in the same space.

Aggression repels fear and in its wake enables you to live free, strong, and ambitiously. It allows you to be you.

Figure out what the aggressive move is whenever you get the butterflies in your chest or gut and that little voice that tells you to stop.

Man Up: Figure out how to be aggressive, what direction you need to head toward (move at the fear), and MOVE. 

Don’t let fear set up shop in your heart or mind, it’ll claim it like a cancer and invade your life.

Move toward what you’re afraid of on a micro and macro level. Move forward with force, anger, aggression, and conquer what’s aiming to hold you back forever.

Get after it my brother…

Be Legendary,
Chad Howse

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