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Declare What Will Happen, Don’t Wish, Ask, or Hope




In, On Writing Well, the author writes, ‘never use the term ‘in my opinion’, we know it’s your opinion, you’re the one stating it.’ The point is that by saying in my opinion you’re weakening the statement. (read: the power of negative thinking)

Weakness, as it is in the case above, is often a choice.

We’ve slid into thinking and acting a certain way so much so that we don’t even think about how we’re acting and whether it’s strong or weak – of course, no human should want weakness, strength is always better.

Wishing and wondering what will happen is just weak.

Why wish or hope or ask? Why give uncertainty to something you have control over, that is, what you will produce in this life, who you will become, the life you will live?

Living – being – is merely an expression. You’re expressing what you think is possible, who you think you are in this world, what you think you’re here to become and so on. You’re expressing your perception. Why not express something grand? Why not be a force? Why not declare what the fuck you will do, what you want, who you’ll be rather than hoping you’ll get this or become that or live this life etc…? (read: to win you have to act above your situation)

Stop adding uncertainty where it doesn’t need to belong.

Change How You Write and Talk

I’m sure you have a journal in which you write your goals and dreams, what you’ll do for the year and what you hope will happen.

You also have an internal voice, one filled with hopes, dreams, and wishes. You – like I – have likely grown up hoping things will happen. Maybe you pray, asking for God to help you achieve something – a silly way to pray as God has already given you everything you need to get what you want. Or maybe you think to yourself, hoping that you’ll do this today or become this by tomorrow.

Hope is weak. Asking is weak. Both are accepting that what you want is somehow out of your control. It rarely is.

Maybe it won’t happen how you want it to happen. It will not be easy if what you want is big enough. But to overtly ask someone or something else for help or to wish and hope for what is under your control is cutting yourself off at the knees.

Circumstances really don’t matter. (read: just be yourself, really?)

We’ve seen humans rise to greatness through seemingly insurmountable odds, greater odds than you face.

You are no different than they are, you’re likely just not doing enough or enough of the right things or you simply haven’t done these things for a long enough time.

That’s it.

Declare and Be Pulled

Declare what will happen, and be pulled by that future.

Being pulled by the future means you start acting correctly in the present. Acting correctly is aligning your actions, habits, thoughts, and rituals with the thing you will achieve.

See what I did there?

I used ‘will’ not ‘want’ or ‘hope’. There’s no point of using weak language, and using it internally weakens you.

So, stop.

Declare what will be and make it so. Simple. Get after it.


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