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Most of what we focus on, what we think about, what we pay attention to and lend our attention to is not only useless, but destructive.

We care about things we ought not care about, we want things we shouldn’t want, we spend our lives away from where they should be spent.

What should you care about?

We judge ourselves too often in relation to others. We compare how we look, what we drive, where we live, how much money we appear to have.

Comparison of any kind to anyone but who you’re trying to become, is not just useless but destructive.

Don’t give two fooks about who you are in comparison to others, nor what you think they think about who you are. Don’t care about anything anyone thinks. Get past that. Start truly being your own man with your own interests and goals and get after them.

The past also doesn’t exist. The moment you learn something from a mistake, that’s the moment you should kill your past and move on. Be future-focused.

I’ve said compare who you are today to who you were yesterday, but that’s wrong. You’re still focusing – in part – on the past. The past literally doesn’t exist, and we too often are held by ball-and-chain to our past, whether positive or negative, it should be left where it is, behind us.

Be pulled by your future not dragged by your past.

We set goals in relation to what we’ve been, not what we’re becoming. It’s the wrong way to look at it.

The future is limitless, the past is limited. The present is all that exists.

Care about the present, measure it by your future, leave the past.

Don’t care about acclaim.

That is, don’t want recognition of any kind, fame of any kind. It’s something that depends on the opinions of others, which, shouldn’t be a care of yours.

Don’t want or care about what you don’t have that isn’t directly under your control.

Your ‘wants’ can be whatever you want them to be, whatever inspires you. I want 1,000 acres and a big ranch. It motivates me. I also want a house on the water in Uruguay where me and Teddy spend our winters.

Now, I also want a family, but I don’t focus on that at all because I don’t think that’s something that’s under my control. Getting better, becoming a better man is under my control, whether or not the right lady comes into my life isn’t under my control, and forcing it isn’t good – trust me.

I don’t want fame or acclaim, but a company that makes a massive impact, and that impact is measured by the tribe and how many of us there are and how many of us there are that are improving based on the stuff produced in the tribe – articles, supplements, books etc..

Luck isn’t under your control.

Acclaim isn’t under your control.

Fame isn’t under your control.

You are under your control.

Events aren’t always under your control, but how you respond to them is under your control.

Never respond to anything with any ounce of victimhood.

Never see yourself as hard-done by.

Never see yourself as better than anyone else (that’s another form of comparison – you’re you, they’re them).

Never wish you had what you do not have, only aim to become who you can become.

Your measurement and what you care about should be focused on your own performance, becoming more disciplined, getting more work done, training harder.

It should be process-focused, not result focused.

The result depends on the performance. By focusing constantly on the result you spend time out of what will get the result, the work.

Spending less time in the past, the future, and more time in the present, truly in the present, in the moment, is the most effective way to ensure that you’re caring about the right stuff.

That you’re trying the right stuff.

Get after it, brother.

Be Legendary,
Chad Howse

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