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Testosterone, Your Mind and Herbs That Make You Smarter




One of the little known advantages of having optimal testosterone levels is the effect that hormonal health has on your brain.

See, as men, we have a lot of responsibility to carry on our shoulders. And we’ve always had a lot of responsibility to carry on our shoulders. Think back to our ancient tribal ancestors with me for a second. These men were powerful and athletic hunters with broad shoulders, dense traps and a slim waist – what many would consider the perfect physique.

But these men weren’t only brawn. They had brains, too.

Think about it. Our ancient male ancestors were in charge of keeping our species alive by forging battle plans against predators and other militant tribes, planning for how to distribute food among their families, paving which nomadic path they would travel in order to flourish, and so on.

It was essential for these ancient men to have strong minds. And it still is today. And for men, the root cause of a healthy mind is healthy hormonal balance. Or in other words, if you want to be a decisive, wise and commanding leader that everyone from the boardroom to the family room can look up to and trust, you must have healthy testosterone levels.

Testosterone and the Mind

Consider our ancient male ancestors with me again. Their lives were much more active than ours are today. And as you’d probably imagine, living life with a constant threat of military predatorial attack could cause some stress, which is why having high testosterone levels was important not only to them, but also to everyone who depended on them.

As men, when our testosterone levels are high, our stress hormone levels (cortisol) are low, which allows us to think more clearly, make better decisions and even have a greater drive to survive when the going gets rough. Here’s an example from a mouse study which proves the necessity of lowered cortisol levels for men.

  • Conducted by a neuroscientist at the University College Cork in Ireland, mice were separated into two groups: A placebo group and another group that was given a probiotic strain called lactobacillus ramnosis (to reduce cortisol levels in the mice). After a few weeks of giving one group these good bacteria strain while keeping the other group probiotic free, the doctor decided to throw the mice into small bowls of water to see how they react to the stress. The non-probiotic group panicked when they were placed into the bowl of water, and after a few minutes of swimming, accepted their fate, that they would drown, that is, if the doctor didn’t pluck them from the bowl first (which he did). The group that was given the probiotic swam, and kept on swimming. They were determined to survive. The difference in the mice response to the situation was found in their cortisol levels. The group that gave up in the face of adversity had 100x higher cortisol levels than the probiotic group.
  • Another rat study published in Hormones and Behavior, concluded that increased testosterone levels (through injection) reduced stress and anxiety 30-minutes after the increase.

High testosterone levels in men don’t only decrease stress and anxiety in order for you to be a better decision maker and leaders, but it also reduces fear, making you more brave, which, as a decision-maker, is a quality that you need on a daily basis.

  • This study which actually involved 16 healthy female volunteers who were given a single dose of testosterone, concluded that those who were given testosterone had less fear and anxiety when exposed to pictures of “masked, fearful faces” than those who were given a placebo.
  • A 2015 study tested a more active approach in the effect of testosterone on fear, and suggests that higher testosterone levels will cause you to approach a threatening situation with less fear when your T-count is healthy.

Along with the essential mental qualities of men such as clarity, calm, bravery comes positivity. This isn’t to say that every situation you face should cause you to smile ignorantly and ignore your trouble. But a healthy mindset towards challenges in life will take you, your family, your business to higher places. And generally speaking, your outlook needs to be backed up by your mood.

  • Several studies have shown the effect of low testosterone on mood – that low T leads to complaining, depression, irritability, and feelings of a poor quality of life. Or in short, it makes you a whiner (study, study).
  • On the other end of the spectrum, studies have shown that optimal testosterone levels will cause you to have a balanced mood, higher amounts of motivation, and feelings of a better quality of life (study, study).

So you see, men, it’s important for you to get your testosterone levels squared away. And one of the ways to improve your testosterone levels after proper lifestyle changes (READ THIS), is to try out natural herbs that both increase your testosterone levels and enhance your brain function. So before you go, check out these 5 herbs that make you smarter and where you can try them out yourself.

Herbs That Make You Smarter


Bacopa is an herb used in traditional Indian medicine that reduces anxiety, improves memory, balances neurotransmitters and promotes brain recovery. It’s one of the top herbs that make you smarter because of it’s proven ability in Alzheimer’s treatments and in reversing effects of amnesia. It’s been shown to increase dopamine production which lowers estrogen levels in men and thereby increases testosterone levels (review).


Mucuna is known for its ability to increase testosterone and growth hormone in men (study). Mucuna is a rich source of L-dopa, the building block of dopamine. Dopamine is easily depleted by stress and can cause mood imbalances in men as a result, so having a rich source of L-dopa is a helpful way to combat these effects.


Next on the list of herbs that make you smarter is schisandra. Schisandra is an adaptogen, meaning that it balances your hormones by reducing cortisol, and as a result, increasing testosterone. It’s a proven antidepressant (study, study).

Lion’s Mane

This isn’t actual fur from a lion’s mane. It’s an herb derived from a mushroom that looks like a lion’s mane. This herb is a pro-erectile testosterone booster. It promotes a healthy transmission of impulses from the brain to your erection when the time is right which gives you a better hard-on and a T-boost. Lion’s mane has also been shown to increase long-term memory and curiosity (study).


To round out this list of herbs that make you smarter, we have rhodiola. Rhodiola is another adaptogenic herb that increases testosterone long-term by reducing cortisol levels long-term as well. According to studies it’s also been shown to reduce mental fatigue so that your mind stays clear and sharp.

Check out all 5 of these testosterone-boosting herbs that’ll make you smarter here.


Men were never meant to be all brawn with no brains…

And the world needs more men that will step up to the plate not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well: being leaders that will lead our families and societies to greater heights.

Check out the 5 herbs that’ll make you smarter and boost your testosterone levels here.

Be legendary.


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