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How to Be the Man




There’s that holds us back in life that doesn’t need to hold us back.


We think we have to play the role that fits where we were born, who we were born to, and when we were born. The reality is we can choose much more than we realize.

We get to decide what we like, what path we take, who we aspire to become, what we aspire to do in life. We control a heck of a lot more than we realize, especially in terms of scope.

Most think small, a few think big. It’s a decision, a choice that’s available to all of us.


Again, a choice. We can choose to focus on what we can control or we can choose to focus on what we cannot control.

An event happens, it isn’t bad or good, yet we place labels on it that send us into discouragement and self-pity, which are very attractive ways to think initially, but destructive in the long run.


How we see ourselves is reflective of who we present to the world and how we act. If we’re lazy, we see ourselves as not able to achieve what we want to achieve, hence, giving little effort.

If we quit, give up, aim smaller than we should, give little effort, it’s not because WE are not good enough to get what we want, it’s because we don’t see ourselves as being good enough to get what we want and on the scope we want it on.

The answer to standards is, of course, to see yourself differently, but even more, to act differently and to show yourself that you are THE MAN.

I mean, what have you got to lose?

You can act like you’re the man by rising early, working hard, thinking bigger, even dressing better, training harder, and doing everything in your power to be the best man you can possibly be…

…And in doing so actually become a better man (at worst), and at best, achieve even greater things than you ever thought possible.

Or you can give mediocre effort, improve incrementally, and never see what you’re made of, never become the man you can become.

It all starts with choices….

I love the line from Ballers, when the Rock’s character tells a story about his old man meeting his long time boss, and realizing one very important fact in life:

That we’re all just guys. Some guys think they can, and some guys think they can’t.

There’s no real difference in talent or innate ability when it comes to success, in fact IQ is a horrible predictor of financial success, often working to lower one’s chances of becoming wealthy.

And no matter where you’re from, how you look, or what you like to do, there’s usually a success story, and if there isn’t, become the first, someone has to… Why not you?

We can choose to make excuses or we can choose to hold ourselves to a higher standard, the standard of the man we’re trying to become, not shaded by insecurity or laziness, mediocrity or safety, but fueled by pure, raw, unsaturated ambition.

Think bigger.

Hold yourself to a higher standard.

Be the man, now, don’t wait, act.

Be Legendary,
Chad Howse

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