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Pity Prevents Progress




Henry Ford had this great quote:

“Life is a series of experiences, each one of which makes us bigger, even though sometimes it is hard to realize this. For the world was built to develop character, and we must learn that the setbacks and grieves which we endure help us in our marching onward.”

The equation for happiness, success, and improving from tough situations is focus, direction, and time.

When you’re focused on something, be it work, improvement, growth, you’re going to build the character that experiences can help us build.

If you’re moving in a forward direction, you’ll do the same.

It’s only a matter of time.

In time, all tragedies can become valuable parts of who you are and necessary parts of your life.

In time, you can look back at what you thought was your darkest day and see that it was fuel, that it was more of a blessing than a curse, and that it helped you become the man you eventually become, one you’re truly proud to be.

In time those dark days will be some of your greatest experiences.

There is, however, one thing that can rob you of the character that you should develop.

There’s one thing that can end your progress and send you into a deep, dark state.

One thing that can eat away at you like cancer, rob you of your potential, and rip any chance of fulfillment and happiness from you and your life.


Pity is where most go in prolonged times of struggle.

Pity is how too many see their situation, robbing them of any ounce of control over their future, happiness in their present, and ability to grow.

Bad times, no matter how long or deep they are, can be the very things that help you live a great life.

They can be the things that build you into the man that will create and conquer, love and provide, protect and pursue.

…But pity, seeing yourself as a victim, will rob you of it all.

With good times and bad times, or simply not being where you’d like to be, getting discouraged, feeling down, you need focus, effort, and time.

You need discipline to not look back with nostalgia or regret.

You need discipline to keep your eyes focused on the future, on the work that must be done regardless of how you feel.

Pity destroys all.

Patience and purpose reveals all.

It’s like James Allen wrote in his wonderful book, As a Man Thinketh, ‘circumstances do not shape us so much as they reveal us.’

How you react to tough times is a choice, and men make the choice to grow while males, mere humans make the choice to regress.

Get after it.

Be Legendary,
Chad Howse


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