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How to Lower Estrogen Levels In Men




How to Reduce Estrogen Levels in Men. If you want to know how to reduce estrogen levels in men, head over to https://themandietbook.com/ to get a free copy of my new book, the Man Diet (limited quantities available). Lowering estrogen levels in men is insanely important, and a relatively recent battle that we’re having to fight. How to reduce estrogen levels in men, starts with understanding where estrogens come from and how men increase their estrogen levels by gaining weight, and surrounding themselves with chemical estrogens.

With the rise of xenoestrogens in things like shampoo, plastic, soap, even in our water supply and the deodorants we use daily, estrogen levels are rising in men and testosterone levels are declining. Men don’t necessarily produce estrogen, we actually convert testosterone into estrogen by the actions of the enzyme aromatase within our adipose tissue, aka. body fat.

This blatantly shows that a reduction in body fat will help your testosterone levels. Why lower estrogen? If you have too much, you’re going to hurt your testosterone levels (1)(2). If you have too much estrogen, it’ll produce feminine features even in men. (3)(4) Of course, estrogen is stored in body fat, and the higher estrogen levels you have, the higher bodyfat you’ll also have.

Why You Should Lower Your Estrogen Levels

If you want to lower estrogen levels, lower body fat, and vice versa. (5)(6) The most important step you can take to lower your estrogen levels that may be leading to impotence or low libido, is to reduce body fat. This is by far the most important step you can take. Get rid of the idea of the Tony Soprano type alpha, the guy had high estrogen levels. Get your body fat under 15% for sure. Start with a good strength training program, and the right diet, I highly recommend that you start with the Man Diet.

Not only is it a diet specifically for men, one that helps men increase testosterone while lowering estrogen and cortisol, but you’ll find out a lot more information about testosterone and estrogen that’ll help you live optimally. Second, get rid of chemical estrogens! One study found that estrogens are 3x higher in water packaged in plastic than water packaged in glass. The main one’s to look out for are BPA and phthalates, as well as parabens (found in soaps and deodorants).

I don’t even buy non-natural shampoo, deodorant, soap, nor do I drink from plastic bottles. Thankfully, there’s a lot of good products out there now, and the industry of natural soaps and so forth is growing. This rise in chemical estrogens is dangerous for men. They’re everywhere around us, and really impact the youth, who are more susceptible to being affected by them. So, buy natural products, but also keep your kids away from unnatural soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, deodorants, and so forth.

Finally, consume more foods that block estrogens, and you can also supplement with a good multivitamin (I recommend Barbarian https://chadhowse.clickfunnels.com/mi…) that has zinc and other aromatase blocking ingredients. Citrus fruits are great, as are oysters and olive oil, and white button mushrooms. Each blocks aromatase, which converts testosterone into estrogen.

What to do next: Get a FREE copy of The Man Diet: https://themandietbook.com/

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