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5 Reasons Why Cutting Liquor Makes You a Bigger Man




Why You Should Stop Drinking Liquor

Are you a bar star? An alpha-male, who can pound more shots and guzzle down more beers than the average dude? You are an animal and everybody knows it. You may even find yourself ringing up a $500 tab. In your head you are the perfect match for any attractive girl in the proximity, but are you? Your false sense of liquid pride is most likely doing the opposite. More likely than not, you are probably slurring your words, extremely sloppy and a sweaty mess. On the other end of the spectrum, who likes a Sober Steve? That guy’s weird. Who doesn’t drink? Why would you choose to not drink? Well, so-called Sober Steve is probably more alpha than you.

1. Alcohol is Killing Your Workout

It’s no secret: a six pack of beer most certainly screws up your shot at maintaining six-pack abs. Of course, drinking in moderation will have little effect on your body and eating habits, but who goes out and has one drink? There is no point to even going out if you only want one drink, so it’s a better idea to stay sober. And if you are an athlete of any sort, it’s also a good idea to avoid binge drinking at all cost. A study done by US National Library of Medicine found that athletes who consume alcohol at least once a week are at a two time higher risk of injury than non drinkers.

Have you ever heard of the hangover effect? This simply means sports performance is reduced up to 11 percent. After a long night of drinking, that usually leads to dehydration, and that will most certainly lead to a decrease in performance. So to give you some closure, alcohol makes it harder to tone your body and workout to your full potential. And if you abuse drugs? Watch out, those will take you down harder than anything.

2. Men Who Don’t Drink Feel Much Better Every Day

Alcohol is a sneaky substance.  Have you ever noticed that when the buzz starts, alcohol brings a warm fuzzy feeling, but by the end of the night the world is spinning and you regret everything? Enjoying a night without alcohol means more stability. Without alcohol reaping havoc on your mood and emotions, you will generally feel better and be in a better mood. A night of heavy drinking may be an awesome time however, the next day… Not so much. The emotional roller-coaster ride a drinking spree causes can lead to serious depression and other health issues. By just cutting liquor out of your diet, your overall mood can increase and you can be the best version of yourself as possible.

3. Always in Control

A lot of people drink to enjoy the dysfunction. It’s easy to justify around your guy pals. However, think of being able to control every situation soberly. This means, no more unwarranted fist fights with your best friend, no more sloppy uncontrollable actions and no more slurring. Okay, so we all know liquor is  that secret “confidence” potion, but can you imagine what you actually sound like asking that beautiful women out at the bar? If you are sober and confident, asking a woman out will be nerveracking, but at least you won’t sound like a drunken sailor.

If you are one of those guys who for some reason loves bar fights, being sober benefits you more than ever. Your likelihood of winning against a sloppy drunk is instantly in your favor if you are sober.

4. You Will Have Better Sex

Ever have trouble “getting it up” because you were too drunk? Alcohol affects the libido more than the average person knows. Believe it or not, alcohol actually decreases sexual desire. Too much booze actually makes you less horny. With your beer goggles on she might be a 10 and you finally talk her into coming home with you but by the end of the night however those 12 shots you took are probably leading you straight to dreaming about it. This goes for women too because they lose sensitivity, too. It makes both sexes performance terrible and it makes it very hard to orgasm. That’s because alcohol is a depressant, which means it reduces the amount of arousal or pleasure you feel. (Read This: Why I Wake Up Every Morning With a Boner)

5. You Will Save a lot of Money

Have you ever sat back and thought how about much money you money you spend on liquor? If you want an exact number, check out this alcohol spending calculator. Would you believe me if I told you that the bar, tavern and night club industry tallied up over $23.4 billion in revenue. So if you do not feel like going to that form and figuring out exactly how much you spend, let’s do a hypothetical. Most people spend $10 on a bottle of wine, that is equals $200 per week which adds up to $800 per month. You can drive a Mercedes Benz for that kind of money! Not to mention, adds up to around $10,000 a year on booze alone. Here are some tips on how to cut back:

  • When you go out, only bring cash. Sticking to a budget is like dieting, it is very hard and most people break it after awhile. However, bringing cash with you is the easiest way to stick to your booze budget. When you start a tab with a credit card/ debit card at the bar or club, its real easy to rack up a heavy bill. But if you go with just cash you are willing to spend, there is no way to go over budget.
  • It’s 5’o’clock somewhere, right? Take advantage of happy hours. If you really like to drink but are sick and tired of spending the ridiculous alcohol prices, check out happy hour menus at your favorite spots. Usually bars or restaurants have 2 for 1 specials and discounted food as well.
  • Share a pitcher with your buddies. Pitchers at bars are usually discounted. Get there at the right time (happy hour) and you can get enough beer for five people for only $1 a person. Quit being a beer snob, because domestic beers are much cheaper than your average hipster craft beer.

Alcohol is the most commonly used mood altering substance. In fact, one in every 12 adults suffer from alcohol abuse. On top of that, there are several million alcohol abusers who engage in borderline  alcoholic ways, or alcohol misuse.

Some cold hard facts about alcoholism:

  • excessive alcohol abuse accounts for 88,000 annual deaths
  • alcoholism is the 3rd leading accidental cause of death in America
  • up to 40% of hospital beds in the United States contain patients being treated because of alcohol consumption.

If you or someone you love is battling alcoholism, it is crucial to seek help. There are many options for you, like  luxury drug rehab or luxury alcohol rehab, especially if you believe the problem is getting worse.

Remember, staying alpha doesn’t mean you have to be a shit-show for life.

About The Author

Ben Emerling is a content writer who works in the Metro Detroit area.

Creative writer by day and avid adventurist by night, he dedicates his life to helping people achieve sobriety. Ben currently works for www.monarchshores.com.

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  1. Booze has never made anyone’s life better.


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