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The Man Show Episode 4: The Power of Momentum




Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.  The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.  — Thomas Edison

The market determines whether or not what we’re producing is good or bad, but just because it doesn’t immediately jump at what we’re providing, does not and cannot be the end.

Momentum is one of the most powerful things that we rarely see or even are aware of.

It’s a force we control, and we control it monotonously and persistently by doing good work for an extended period of time.

It’s not something we ever truly realize until we win.

In my experience it takes 18 months of daily, purposeful work toward an ideal.

It’s measured in growth, be it in sales or the growth of a following, an email list, even praise from new followers, clients, whoever.

It’s never really that clear that it’s happening, either, which is why so few ever see the fruit of their labor. They quit before they allow it to be realized.

So how are you to know that what you’re doing will work?

How am I to know?

We have to have a brain, we have to be able to decipher failure, to learn from it, adjust, and continue forward.

It’s never a straight path, but it’s always a lot more simple than we allow it to be, success that is.

You find something that interests you, and that you’re at least somewhat good at, where you know you can get better at, and you put out the best product, work, creation that you can put out. And you keep doing it.

You do not look at what someone else is doing, something that looks easy, profitable, and quick. You stay the course.

In training, you do not just from program to program, you methodically do what a good program says to do until you see the momentum in the mirror or in the numbers.

You do not try to save everything all at once. You merely put a bit away every month, invest it in the right things, and watch it compound. Momentum will bring you wealth.

You do not try to change your lifestyle all at once. You make small, simple changes, and then add to them, and before you know it you’re living as the man you want to be, giving the world a better human rather than a leech.

If you give up or quit or shift to something else, your momentum is lost and you have to start this process all over again.

Again, I use myself as a cautionary tale.

I had one of my web sites getting 300,000 followers every month like clockwork, which brought in a ton of leads and customers and grew the business completely organically, which is rare.

I took my eye off the site and both sites actually. I started doing other things that I was told to do by other people who do not share my values or intentions with my business.

The site now doesn’t crack 100,000 visitors online a month.

My momentum has stalled.

I’ll get it back.

Don’t take your eye off your goal.

Don’t look for something newer, shinier. Do the work. Do it every day, and wait for momentum to present its results.

Get after it.


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