How to Dress Like a Man

The biggest misconception of what an alpha male is has to do with presentation.

Web sites and magazines are obsessed with telling guys how to dress so as to appear powerful. What they end up creating are followers, victims, and idiots riddled with debt who have no power at all.

An article with this title should have a guy in a nice suit and a Rolex sitting in his Ferrari, or at least that’s what we’re led to think. The truth is, odds are the guy in the nice suit sitting in the Ferrari is a victim. He bought those things – each of which are depreciating daily – because he thinks it fits who he wants to become. He bought them to impress other people. His spending habits and his aspirations are dependent on the approval and even the envy of others.

He’s a sucker.

An alpha, that is, a leader, a guy who others look to for guidance and inspiration and protection, cannot, by definition, be a sucker. A sucker, someone who’ll live their life to gain the approval of others, isn’t a leader, he’s a follower.

Statistically, the millionaire doesn’t look like a millionaire. He doesn’t waste money on things that other people tell him he should want. Instead, he’s investing, saving, and building wealth, which is freedom and power. He’s making moves to acquire more wealth and gain more power. This is the alpha when it comes to finance. We can follow a similar approach to other areas of life as well.

We all know a goofball who’s married a cutie because he thought she looked good, which he thought made others look up to him or even envy him, then a few years into their marriage he finds out she’s absolutely useless, and by association, so is he. He made a massive move not by following his own intuition, but in response to what he thinks others think of him and what he has.

We also all know people who post images and convey the life they want to convey. They spend money to convey this lifestyle so that others will approve and maybe even envy who they are and what they have. (Read This: How to Spend Your Money Like a Winner)

They’re all suckers. In this article we’re going to discover how to actually dress and drive like an alpha male.

Step #1
Take pride.

Take pride in how you look, but don’t be obsessed with what you wear. Take more pride in what you do. It’s what you do that makes you valuable; it’s also what you do that helps you acquire power.

The problem with man’s magazines is that they focus on image and image alone. It makes sense, of course, their existence is dependent on ads and men purchasing what’s in their ads. Image, style, acquiring stuff, cannot be a guy’s focus or reason for being great at what he does, nor can it be what he uses his hard-earned dollars for because it in no way results in him gaining more power.

In fact, purchases like this usually drain his account, it makes him more dependent and less free to do or buy the things that really matter.

Don’t be a sucker, always trying to win approval. It’s unbecoming. Be your own man and follow step #2.

Step #2
Have a hierarchy of what you value.

The word ‘valuable’ doesn’t fit what it describes. Valuables like watches, suits, cars, or jewellery aren’t actually valuable. The pictures you have with your lady on your first vacation likely hold more value to you than your watch.

Your experiences hold more value. A lack of stress from being in control financially would have more value to you than a thing that’s in a box somewhere. (Read This: 9 Wildly Rich Guys That Will Inspire You to Be More Frugal)

Know what you truly value. If you really do care about what others think more than being rich or in control of your path in life and your expenses, then buy whatever you need to buy, but you’re still a sucker. Those people whose approval you’re trying to gain don’t matter. Having them matter means you’re a victim to their opinion as it sways you to-and-fro.

Step #3
Don’t give a flying fuck.

To truly not have what society thinks you should have or be affect who you are or the decisions you make or what you pursue in life is a rarity. It’s also necessary to live life on your own terms, but as our value is more an more dependent on what others think of what we’re doing, this becomes more difficult.

You need self-awareness and discipline and clarity. Few have one, let alone all three.

To be your own man is such a rarity today that we don’t really know what it is. Many of the people we come across who are working hard to improve are measuring improvement by whatever magazine they subscribe to or web site they visit. ‘Men’s magazine’s’ are the worst sources of guidance for a guy who wants real power in life, who wants to be powerful, not dependent or reliant on things that hold no value for meaning.

Being your own man is simple, but not easy. You have to know what you really want, not swayed by others or things, and you have to have the discipline to pursue your goals for your entire life. You don’t change with seasons or trends, you’re you, unabashedly so.

Step #4
Have true confidence.

If you actually don’t care about buying the nicest watch or the best clothes or the nicest, newest vehicle, you’re going to save yourself thousands upon thousands of dollars.
The only way not to care about this stuff is to have real confidence, both in who you are and what you’re doing.

Freedom is more important to you than image. So you’re saving, hustling, and investing, not buying things to impress people you shouldn’t be trying to impress. Power is more important than envy.

You don’t want people to envy you, it doesn’t matter to you in the slightest. You don’t care if they look at you and want to be you, you’re happy and proud of who you are and what you’re doing and what you like. It doesn’t matter to you if you’re wearing jeans and old boots and the fella next to you is decked out in the nicest suit he can’t afford, you’re gaining power.

Money is power. Discipline is power. Image is façade.

If you want to dress and drive like a true alpha, you have to have true confidence.

Step #5
Simplicity and Frugality.

To truly dress like an alpha male, know that what you wear isn’t nearly as important as what you do.

We have generations of ‘men’ who’ve been told that image is everything. Marketing toward men isn’t pushing merit or hard work, but what you can buy after said hard work. The problem is that if you’re working merely to purchase you have no value left after the purchasing has been done.

The alpha dresses with pride, sure, but with simplicity and frugality because his money is being put toward more important things. He knows that power isn’t found in fine threads or timepieces.

True power is making your own decisions and what’s best for you without the influence of people who don’t want what’s best for you – that includes media outlets.

A man cannot be deemed a man if he has no power over his decisions, and we measure power based on outcome. If you’re always buying things and you neither keep nor invest what you’ve worked hard to earn, you’re not in control.

Gain power. Have power over what you want and know it’s what you want. Understand what’s important in life. Be your own man and don’t give a shite about what everyone else is chasing.

That’s how you act like an alpha.

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