The major break in the understanding of manliness is not between, say, the nineteenth century and any particular preceding era but between my generation of Baby Boomers and the entire proceeding complex of teachings. In some ways, TR and Churchill have more in common with Homer and Shakespeare than they do with us. –Waller Newell

Manliness is being lost, and it hasn’t been a gradual decline. It’s actually been fairly recent, and led primarily by a hyper-sensitive society where everyone is rewarded but no one wins and where boys are being raised to be soft, weak, and timid.

The aggressive, assertive, and barbaric qualities that keep enemies at bay and build cities from rubble while reducing their adversary’s to dirt are necessary for a society that wants to win.

And winning is a necessity.

Winning means that more people have work. It means less poverty and less illness.

We want to win as a society and we desperately need tough men to lead the way. We need strength. We need those qualities that have existed in men for thousands of years and are only recently being pushed aside by softer, more feminine qualities. (Read This: How to Become Tougher)

We need those soft qualities, but we can’t thrive if they’re all that exist. The masculine and the feminine are both necessities.

So why don’t we understand manliness any longer?

Why are we turning our backs on it?

Why the hell are we ignoring who men are?

Men aren’t soft. They’re not balls of emotion. They aren’t sensitive. To make them so is to force what isn’t natural or good, and we’re doing this at a very young age when we can be molded into something we’re not in classrooms that don’t at all fit who we are nor train us to be what we need to be.

Boys used to be educated in the ways of battle and philosophy and math and all other subjects not in a quiet classroom. They didn’t recite what they read. They had to form an opinion and then argue that opinion in front of a small crowd who tried to argue the opposite position.

That is how young men should be educated. We should be thrown into the fire. We need combat, even if it’s combat of the mind. Sitting silent and quiet does us no good. It goes against who we are.

We live in a society that doesn’t understand manliness because it purposely denies that there is such a thing!

We’re denying that there are genders. We’re denying who we are as a species and as very different sexes (and not just biologically). We’re becoming a society that ignores reality in pursuit of a madly fucked up and mythical utopia where we all lose.

The stupidity is incredible, and yet you see it more and more every day where someone gets offended, and we the logical give them yet another inch and pander to their weakness.

Give no more.

Be a fucking man. Learn what it is to be a man by doing manly shit. Be brutish and barbaric while being good, kind, and intelligent. You’re multifaceted. While you’re pushed to be good, kind, and intelligent, don’t dare forget that men are and always have been hunters and warriors.

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Chad Howse: Chad’s mission is to get you in the arena, ‘marred by the dust and sweat and blood’, to help you set and achieve audacious goals in the face of fear, and not only build your ideal body, but the life you were meant to live.

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  1. Great article Chad. Excellent point about who the feminine is important, but we can’t be 100% feminine. Like you said, we need that balance.

  2. True, there will come the day that will test everyone’s wills, and we’ll see how those safe spaces will work for all of those snowflakes out there.


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Chad Howse

Chad’s mission is to get you in the arena, ‘marred by the dust and sweat and blood’, to help you set and achieve audacious goals in the face of fear, and not only build your ideal body, but the life you were meant to live.

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