The past few days I’ve been giving you some insight into my business, how it started, how I grew it, and how you can do the same thing without making all the mistakes I made.

But, I did do a few things correctly…

One thing was that I focused.

The other was that I persisted…

What I’ve found thus far in the few years I’ve been here on earth is that there is only one thing.

As soon as you spread yourself out, especially in a given moment, you diminish the most important thing.

Think about that for a moment.

It’s one of the most important things you’ll learn in life and in business and in your training:

Figure out what the most important.

Take testosterone, for example…

There’s a funny thing with testosterone, well, an interesting couple of things actually.

First, you need testosterone to thrive in life and in your training, and in the bed with your lady (all very important).

This is the ‘funny thing’ with testosterone.

To be able to allow your T levels to THRIVE, you typically need to be in the 8-14% body fat range.

HOWEVER, being at a caloric deficit ISN’T good for your T levels.

Yet, you need a caloric deficit to get within that 8-14% body fat range.

So what if you’re above it?

What should you do?

A caloric deficit isn’t good, but body fat is insanely estrogenic.

(A caloric deficit isn’t good because it increases your cortisol levels and diminishes testosterone)

There is, always, only one thing.

In this case the one thing is to lose weight. Lose that body fat, rather, don’t focus on losing weight.

Build muscle with your training and burn fat with your training, and get the body fat down with your diet.

If you’re over that 14% of body fat, do the Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones Program (both diet and training) for 2-3 months – 1 DAY MASSIVE SALE

Now, if you’re in that range and you want to have high testosterone levels, DON’T DIET.

Instead, eat at a good maintenance level, which is what we do with the Man Diet.

If you’re not trying to lose fat, then do the Man Diet as your full-time diet to accompany any training focus – ONE DAY MASSIVE SALE

Now, this is for my tribe only. Both sales.

I’ve been doing a TON of research on testosterone lately, and this is a starting point.

In a few weeks we’ll get into greater detail about what to do next, but I’d like you to have this head start before we cover things that won’t work unless you get the first step under your belt.


Back to focus.

There is only ONE THING.

More and more I’m realizing that the major task is to figure out what the most important thing is in a given area of life.

That’s the foundation.

Few ever take the time to think about this. They just do.

A few years ago my old man – who’s in part a business coach, as well as helping people with their faith (I should seek his advice a heck of a lot more) – set me up to do a personality test.

I can’t remember the name of the test, but it was a long test so as to really find out how you think and what your natural tendencies are.

It’s GREAT for identifying strengths and potential weaknesses.

As far as the introvert/extrovert thing, I’m right in the middle, but have been consistently moving more and more toward the introvert angle.

What was interesting about the test, though, was the decision-making processes it goes over. (Read This: How to Be More Decisive)

I don’t think, I do.

I scored 100 on this, which is insanely rare.

The time from idea to action is nothing.

I get an idea and I act on it.

There’s good and bad to this.

My old man is a thinker. He’ll think forever, and in the end, likely make the right decision but it could have taken too long to make that decision. He’s a wise guy.

My decision-making process can be a strength. When it’s time to take action, I take action. In business, it can be both a strength and a weakness.

I can be working on what’s most important, but then an idea comes into my mind and I chase that, leaving the real thing I should have been working on all along.

Ask Alain, my right hand guy in this company, and he’ll tell you the same thing.

We create a plan, and I go off the plan within a week.

Weakness identified.

What I’ve had to do, oddly enough, is technically work a bit less, and think a bit more.

Every day I walk Teddy for at least 1.5 hours. It’s all thinking time (and time spent trying to pull him away from deer if he spots them).

What I’ve realized, and it took a couple books to help me realize this – the One Thing, Essentialism, Meditations, and a few others – is that thinking is being lost, squeezed out, ditched, replaced by devices, social media, TV, entertainment, the internet, text messaging, among other things.

We think less. We do less of the right things.

People are busier than ever before, yet we accomplish less than ever before.

If you’ve read Malcolm Gladwell’s, Outliers, where he talks about 10,000 hours being the basis for genius or greatness, he goes deeper and talks about this time frame as having to be purposeful.

In the book Bounce, the author (I forget his name and my internet’s off) really delves into the myth of innate genius, and the power of passion, interest, excitement, and being deep into what you’re doing, thinking, having a single focus and how it can lead you to do great things or become great at something.

It’s not good enough to just do something, you have to be constantly learning, and most importantly, thinking.

You have to determine if what you’re focusing on is what you should be focusing on.

We used to think in the fields, on the walk home from work, in the country, hunting, sitting in the fields waiting for the geese to come set by the decoys. Silence used to be our constant companion.

It can be, again. It must be. It takes discipline, however, to once again befriend this silence that has become elusive.

Seize it.

Put down the phone. Turn off the TV. Go for a walk.

Be where you are, always.

Be with your family. Be with the one project that demands your focus and attention. Be on your run. Be in nature. Let your mind lead you to clarity, and let silence be the vehicle by which you’re able to get there.

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