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It seems REALLY attractive to try and take a magic pill. We all try it at one time in our life. From supplements, to “secret russian training programs” even to trying things like steroids because we find that we don’t get the results our hard work entitle us to.

BUT the Really sucky thing is that if you’re like most guys, you work hard on your nutrition, crush it in the gym, but completely miss out on this aspect of training.

Without this missing ingredient, you’re getting screwed out of better testosterone levels, improved strength, more fat loss, more energy, better sex, and more muscle.

If you are a red blooded male, I hope at least one of those peaked your attention. Because if you told all those to me, I would pay you ALL the monies to get all those things. It sounds too good to be true that you can improve all those things at once, with no negative benefits, AND it’s free.

Don’t worry. You don’ need to give your left testicle, and no injecting giant needles into your backside.

It’s been hiding under your nose this whole time. Something that you can easily do.

What is that one thing that you can do?


Sleep is the most underrated, potent, and easily accessible testosterone booster that we have at our disposal. Especially with the onset of technology and being fully connected with our cell phones at all times, sleep is the one time where we can disconnect and allow our brain and body to fully recover.

And as potent as it is, sleep is at an all time low.

Research shows that the average guy sleeps for a mere 6 and a half hours a night. While that might not seem like much difference between your recommended 7-8 hours of sleep/night, you’re body sure notices.

You wake up exhausted.

It takes twice as much energy

You’re in a committed relationship with the coffee maker at work, needing a pot or two just to drag your ass through the morning.

You don’t have the drive to workout like you normally do. You don’t have the drive for the rest of your life like you should.

When you take control of your sleep, overnight you’ll feel more energized, stronger, leaner, and have better resistance against the onslaught of temptations like craft beer and donuts.

If you want to transform your life, you’re going to do it through sleep.

It’s time to revolutionize your sleep.

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Here’s a few giant aspects of our sleep that we often forget.

Sleep has an impact not only on our alertness and our brain, but it can have an even bigger effect on our hormones. These hormones will affect how we build muscle, our motivation, and even how full we feel.

By skipping out on sleep, you:

  • Decrease your natural testosterone by around 15%. If you like great sex with your wife and motivation to crush your workouts, this is important.
  • You decrease your natural Growth hormone, All of a sudden your body doesn’t build muscle and strength like it should… regardless of your age.
  • You’ll decrease your leptin, which is essential for helping you feel full. If you have any dreams of being lean, this is a hormone that helps you feel full longer.
  • You INCREASE the hormone Ghrelin, which means you’re going to be extra hungry. Especially as you pass by McDonald’s on your way to work.

Even if you don’t care about what those hormones are called, you should know when those hormones are out of whack, they’ve got your fitness in a chokehold, squeezing all the life out of your poor, zombie-like body.

SO it’s time to take back your sleep. Before you complain about how you can’t get 8 hours of sleep, Let’s just reevaluate how much time you spend watching netflix, surfing instagram, and other useless crap. If you’re willing to admit you can watch less of that junk, then you’ll be able to slowly increase your sleep time from 5-6 hrs to a more human 7-8 hrs. But as much as it’s about time you spend in bed, if you’re having a terrible sleep, and your body can’t relax, you won’t be getting the necessary sleep to improve your fitness.

So this is what you should do to improve not just the quantity of sleep but the quality of sleep too.


The optimal temperature to sleep in is around 19-20 degrees. Your body is able to relax easier in that temperature, so you’ll sleep easier.

Summer is just around the corner, and if you don’t live somewhere that has air conditioning or in a cool climate, the second best way to regulate body temperature is to have a cold shower before you go to sleep. It will mimic the effects of sleeping in a cooler room by decreasing your body temperature.

Don’t overdo it. Even 1-2 minutes can decrease your body temperature enough to sleep like a rock. (read: how to increase testosterone through diet)


Research has shown sleeping in a modern environment (lights from streetlights, neighbors), can wreak havoc on your sleep. Your body will start to think that it’s morning and start the mental process to get you ready for the morning including elevating your cortisol level and decreasing your seratonin levels. Cortisol is essential for getting us out of bed, as it naturally peaks from 7:00- 8:00 am, in conjunction with the sun rising.

If you have a low level light in your room, it’s going to elevate your cortisol in the middle of the night, making you feel more tired and reaching for that second coffee as soon as you’re done the first.

Your best option is to use blackout curtains to eliminate all the light from your room. Your next best option if that can’t happen is to grab yourself an eye mask you see people travel with. As goofy as it looks, you won’t look goofy when you’re crushing new weights in the gym.


Dude. I know you’re super popular on instagram, and you can’t wait to see who DM’s you next, but your sleep quality is suffering because of it. If you sleep with your phone right beside you, your phone is still keeping your brain alert. So even if you can’t hear it because you’re asleep, your brain will still sense there is something important to note. So your body will be jolted out of deep sleep to respond to the “crisis”.

It’s probably you just getting another text, but your brain will think it’s a crisis.

Your phone’s blue light also blunts the production of your melatonin. So bye-bye relaxation hormone.

Moral of the story: Sleep with your phone outside of your room. You’re important enough to sleep with it away from you, and your strength, leanness, and health is worth it.

Oh, you’re using it as an alarm? Time to get an old school digital alarm from Wal-Mart. Your sleep deserves it.

Taking exogenous steroids without doctor supervision might seem fun in the short run, but long run may harm your health.

But when you can see similar health benefits with no side effects JUST by sleeping more.

So do it. Cool down your room, make it darker, and go old school with an analog clock for your fitness to skyrocket.

Want to learn more about how to naturally increase your testosterone levels? Get a FREE Copy of Chad’s new book, the Man Diet here

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