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The Do-It-All Herb: The Benefits of Ashwagandha For Men

Ashwagandha is an ancient (4,000-year old) herb that’s developed a reputation for making men look and feel younger, while decreasing stress, improving sleep, ramping up testosterone levels and spicing up our sex lives. It’s a “jack-of-all-trades” kind of herb because of its ability to help men regain hormonal and psychological balance – especially in times […]

Give Everything It’s Time and Place

Hey brother, I’m writing this on Monday night… It’s a bit of a change for me, I normally do this on Sunday, which goes against the purpose of this email… … But I’m sitting down to plan my week. This was a long weekend here in Canada, and for once, I actually took much of […]

Why Success is so RARE

Hey brother, I’ve been studying success for years now, as I’m sure you have… And every success story has a couple things in common, the most glaring is commitment. Not a single billionaire who’s earned their wealth, nor good father, husband, carpenter, or CEO have gotten to where they are with divided attention and a […]

The 3 Horseman Herbs For Better Sex

Let’s have an honest moment for a second… Every guy wants to be a master at sex… None of us want to be fumbling around, unsure of ourselves, or even worse, unable to get it up and keep it up to please our ladies. So if you’ve found that you wish you were better in […]

Why Self-Talk is a Dream Killer

Hey brother, I’m about to tell you something, maybe it’s an opinion that you don’t hold, but I look at is act fact. It’s something that goes against everything you or I have ever read in any self-help book. It’s the simple idea that self-talk is a dream killer. How do I know this or […]

it’s all good (ALL OF IT)

When we talk about discipline we normally speak of habits, routines that we follow that allow us to accomplish what we want to accomplish. It’s like the definition of excellence, it’s found in your habits. When I started studying discipline – especially when I dove into writing the Lost Art of Discipline – I saw […]

The Man Show Podcast Episode 1: the Barbarian

“You have to be a man before you can be gentleman.” John Wayne To be frugal but not have the capacity for opulence isn’t admirable. To be timid, peaceful, and soft, and to not have the capacity to be dangerous, isn’t commendable. To be good but to not have the ability to be barbaric is […]