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Don’t Forgive. Don’t Forget.

I saw on a recent podcast a story about a guy cave diving. One of the rules in cave diving is that if someone – or both divers – get in trouble, and one starts panicking, you save yourself. You save yourself because that’s who you’re responsible for. In situations like that, when you even […]

Why I Don’t Trust Intellectuals

I’ve always been perplexed about why intellectuals in universities seem to care so much about income inequality. They don’t create jobs. They don’t commune with the ‘working class’ folk that they seem to care about so dearly. Their jobs are more or less secure after a certain point – maybe that’s it, maybe they don’t […]

Outlived Hank and Jesus

33 is a powerful number, an age that has a lot of meaning. I can’t remember the song, but the country music fella notes that he’s outlived Hank and Jesus. Hank being Hank Williams, who was 29 years of age when he died, a country music legend. And Christ, who was 33 years of age […]

How To Increase Testosterone Through Lifestyle

What You Need To Know Healthy testosterone levels are crucial for living a healthy life. You can increase your testosterone levels through simple lifestyle changes and as a result, experience the natural benefits of high testosterone. Grab your free copy of my book, The Man Diet, a practical guide for optimizing your testosterone levels on […]

How To Increase Testosterone Through Diet

What You Need To Know: As a man, you can change your life by changing the way you eat Testosterone is created optimally through a combination of fasting followed by intentionally feasting on dietary fats, HDL cholesterol, gluten-free carbs, moderate protein and essential micronutrients Grab your free copy of my book The Man Diet for […]

The Truth About Cholesterol And Testosterone in Men

Cholesterol has garnered an unfortunate reputation over the last couple of decades; one that’s built on misunderstandings, misinformation, and little to no scientific evidence. It’s been demonized as the cause of blocked arteries everywhere and as a result, doctors have been telling men that if we want to be at our healthiest, we need to […]

You Need to Inconvenience Yourself

“Nothing in this world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt Today we seek convenience. We buy things online to save time – which of course makes sense. We pay someone to mow our lawn or do our yard (which doesn’t make sense to me). We seek […]

5 Ways the Western Male Has Been Pussified

The west is pussified, and it’s been done so not merely because tough times build tough men (the Greatest Generation) who then create the good times that produce soft men, though that’s a part of it. When you have an entire generation of men who grew up in the Great Depression, and then went to […]